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Enrolling your child in an ELC? What is the Early Years Learning Framework?

When your child attends an early learning centre, you have the peace of mind they are in an environment that is working towards a nationally designed and accredited framework known as the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Created to provide a proven & consistent learning framework for Australian children the...
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How to understand your little one’s health & wellbeing requirements

One of the most important things for growing bodies and minds is ensuring they have the right sort of activity throughout their days, with the right sort of fuel to get them through those activities. In Australia, it is estimated that between 20% to 25% of all children and adolescents...
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The Positive Role of Loose Part Playgrounds in Early Education

Playgrounds are often viewed by parents and carers as needing more ‘structure’, ‘equipment’ and ‘fun’.  These common perceptions, based on the playgrounds we see in local government parks and public play areas, are being challenged more and more by leading research emerging from top Australian universities. Research from Federation University,...
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