Focusing on school readiness – How to prepare your child for primary school


Getting your child ready for school

Getting your child ready for school

Is your little one about to embark on a new learning journey into primary school? Every parent or carer would like their child to feel excited and happy to enter their new learning environment. Starting to prepare your child before primary school begins is recommended by the Victoria’s State Government Department of Education and Training.

There are many ways to help your child feel ready for primary school. We have put together essential points to help your child feel prepared and excited about their new learning adventure.

Having positive conversations with your child about school. Ask your child what they think about school and encourage them to ask questions. Always talk positively about starting primary school.

Encourage your child’s independence. Encourage your child to dress themselves, go to the toilet on their own, wash their hands, unpack their bag, be able to unwrap food items and open a drink bottle and a lunchbox. These skills will help them feel confident in school and embrace school readiness as a positive step in their educational process.

Attend the school orientation. This will allow your child to enter into the new environment and have a look around. It will also enable them to meet children they will be going to school with and the teachers they may have. The expectations and school routines will be shared so you can help prepare your child.

Practice writing their first name. One of the first things your child will be encouraged to do in school is writing their name on their work. So if you have time at home to start practising that will help your child. Your early learning centre will offer a kindergarten program that will assist with a school readiness program which will cover writing, counting and basic literacy and numeracy based on the ELYF.

Have a special goodbye routine. Practising a goodbye routine with your child will help take away any anxiety to both you and your child at drop off. Communicating with your teacher about the best strategy is recommended. Usually, a quick ritual that does not drag on is best for everyone, that way the process is more likely to run smoothly.

For more information head to the Victoria State Government’s Department of Education and Training for more great tips on how to prepare your child to start primary school.

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