School readiness – The importance of kindergarten for Victorian children

Kindergarten programs in Victoria are designed to help improve your child’s development and prepare for school. When a child reaches pre-school age it is important that a child becomes involved in a kindergarten program to learn skills that they can draw upon for the rest of their lives.

If you’ve been struggling with whether or not to enrol your child in a kindergarten program, here are a few important reasons why you should consider kindergarten as part of your child’s school readiness program.

Reasons to consider kindergarten in your child’s early learning development and pre-school preparation.

At kindergarten, a child will learn, develop skills, and play in a safe and happy environment.

As the Department of Education and Training of Victoria states, enrolling your child in kindergarten “has endless benefits” however listed below are some of the most important reasons for your child to be involved in kindergarten.

  • Engaging and fun learning experiences – Children will learn and enhance their education while playing in a fun, safe environment. Numbers, letters, nature and the development of fine motor skills are all examples of things that a child will have fun learning at kindergarten. Learning to listen to educators and taking turns when talking are also valuable lesson that are explored in the kindergarten classroom. School readiness is key ahead of the 1st year of school and kindergarten works to ensure your child has the skills to cope with the transition to school.
  • Social skills and interactions – Kindergarten will develop the social skills of a preschool aged child. In kindergarten, children are encouraged to play with other children within a similar age group in a calm and engaging way. A child will develop new friends, share ideas, and become aware of what is socially acceptable in a nuturing environment.
  • Boosting creativity – Kindergarten encourages creative thinking. It allows the child to express themselves with activities that they may not necessarily do at home such as different craft, painting, building, exploring in natural environments, role plays etc. This will enable a child to find their interests and creative side.
  • Encourage physical activity – Kindergarten is focused on being play-based therefore children will be involved in many planned physical activities which help with a child’s overall health and well being. With the constant threat of obesity in our communities, ensuring healthy physical activity is a part of each and every day of a child’s life is an important step in their learning.

Enrolling in kindergarten is an important step to a child’s development. A child will learn life skills and start their learning journey in kindergarten. More information for parents and guardians about the services available for their children can be found at Child Services in Victoria .

If you would like to enrol at Village Education in our kindergarten program and ensure your child is ready for school we welcome you to enrol online today or find out more by calling one of our centres in Eureka or Ararat or viewing our parent handbook.

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